Four: Thirteen Therapeutic Riding Association

Family Workshops

Family Workshops

For families that are facing difficult challenges within their family unit, like dealing with the loss of a loved one, divorce, overcoming or coping with illness or even a breakdown in communication.

Kids Programs

Kids Programs

Through experiential learning while working with horses, school-age kids develop life skills, with the nationally recognized Building Block Program tm.

Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Our hands on, interactive programs encourage personal growth, empowerment, and life skill development with horses as companions.

Special Needs Programs

Special Needs Programs

Individuals with special needs can overcome barriers and develop self awareness and advocacy skills through the alternative learning process with horses as guides.

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                   Through Horses' Eyes

Are you interested in:


  • Developing life skills?

  • Gaining more independence?

  • Learning about teamwork?

  • Strengthening relationships in your life?


Let our horses teach you how!

How Do Horses Facilitate Learning?


Horses are born survivors.  As prey animals, horses have highly developed senses.  Research shows they can sense a human heart beat over 75 yards away.  This along with their innate instincts have made them exceptionally well suited for reading our body language and sensing what we are feeling. 


Horses live in the moment and do not have the ability to lie.  With these traits they are able to give participants instant, genuine, non judgmental reactions to any situation. 


As facilitators, we interpret these reactions. Participants become aware and accountable for their behaviours and are then encouraged by facilitators to find their own solutions.  In doing so, participants are able to utilize these newly acquired life skills to find solutions to similar situations in the future by applying what they have learned through the horse.



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