Our Team

Our Team is made up of  Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators, and our teachers - the horses.  The number of horses used in the program will be determined by the number of participants.
Teray Lennox-Wills



Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilatater


  Horses have been a part me all my life and the profound impact they can have on individuals lives is my motivation to share our equine friends insights. 

                  Teray  Lennox-Wills




Sue Clark 


Sue is a CanTRA registered instructor.  She has been involved in Theraputic Riding for over 10 years.  She is also actively involved inadaptive sports. 

The Horses



Our Equine partners have may simalarities people.

They are social, develope relationships, and and have amazing memories.

Insites into our selves are sponned from their difrences.

They are pray animals with hightend awaness of their seroundings 

- horses can feel stress, feer, ansiety and even relaxation and live in yhe moment.



Learn more about our horses here.

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